Email Design

Design and copy writing project. Back-to-school email blast to promote Lincoln Electric’s Education purchasing portal.

Education Portal Poster

Poster design and copy writing to promote Lincoln Electrics’ education portal, a discount pricing program for welding educators.

VRTEX Infographic Poster

Design and layout infographic poster promoting the benefits of virtual reality welding training versus traditional welding training.

Welding Safety Brochure

Design, layout, copy editing and photo editing 20-page diecut welding safety solutions brochure folder combination for Lincoln Electric Automation. Full PDF:

Poster Design

Design and copy writing promoting Lincoln Electric Foundation’s Employee Match program.

Apparel & Poster Designs

Copy writing and design of weld-related apparel and poster options for the launch of the Lincoln Electric Welding School onsite store. View All:

Web Sliders

Design, copy writing, and photo editing web sliders for the Lincoln Electric main website.

Welding Curriculum

Design, layout, production and photo editing welding curriculum for Lincoln Electric Education and Automation departments. VRTEX (left and right images) and Torchmate (center).